Get Inspired By Some Excellent Ceiling Designs For Your Home

When people begin to renovate their new homes, one of the last places they will think of for interior decoration is the ceiling. However, with the advancement of technologies and invention of new materials today, your home ceiling does not have to be flat, white, and dull. Light-weight substances and innovative techniques have made ceiling design installation faster, easier, and sometimes even cheaper. Therefore, you should consider sprucing up your ceiling to create a whole new perspective to the rooms in your home.

Tray ceilings for a dramatic statement

Preferred Home Builders Inc
By Preferred Home Builders Inc.

Tray ceilings have a recessed section in the middle, typically in a rectangular or square form, which resembles having an inverted tray at the top of the room. This type of design adds depth and dimension to a room and can elevate the interior d├ęcor in a profound way. Furthermore, it can be a dramatic feature for your room, transforming an ordinary looking space into a remarkable one. You can paint the recessed part of the ceiling in a color that is different from the walls of the room, creating an exciting visual contrast. Recessed lightings are generally paired with this type of ceiling for an elegant look.

Design ideas for high ceilings

Clive Daniel Home
By Clive Daniel Home

Coffered ceiling designs are excellent for high ceilings. These type of designs are great for single-storey homes to make them look elegant without appearing lofty. Unlike tray ceilings, these decorations do not need to take up a large amount of space to be fitted. Traditionally, coffered ceilings were created by recessed panels deep enough to produce a box-like effect. However, thanks to new techniques today, you can achieve the same look by installing a grid of symmetrical shapes, generally in squares or rectangles, underneath the structural ceiling. You can even acquire a more complex look with a grid of octagon shapes.

Chris Jovanelly Interior
By Chris Jovanelly Interior

Another ceiling design that you may consider is the cove ceiling to open a room up for an airy atmosphere. Instead of a sharp angle between the walls and the ceiling, a cove ceiling has a smooth slant, providing a continuous transition with no sharp edges. This type of ceiling is a great option if you want an elegant and graceful ambiance in your room. The old methodology for installing a cove ceiling requires skilled carpenters but nowadays, you can even order a custom made trim and install it yourself to achieve the effect of a cove ceiling.

Experiment with different paint colors and patterns

Neumann Mendro Architects
By Neumann Mendro Architects

Although just painting your ceiling does not seem like an exciting idea, it is an excellent way to enhance the overall appearance of your room without needing to go through a big renovation project. There are computer programs available that allow you experiment with different colors and patterns while getting a preview of how the room would look without actually starting the paint job first.

This way, you can test out a variety of combinations to choose the best design before investing more than your time. Painting your ceiling offers great versatility and space for creativity. You can opt to paint your ceiling to match your floors or have a different colored ceiling for a contrasting effect. Generally, darker colors will exude a cozy atmosphere whereas lighter colors will amplify the sense of spaciousness of the room.

Even if you do not utilize any of these ceiling ideas for your new home, it is always good to know the options available to you. A well-designed ceiling can greatly improve the interior appearance of your home and significantly raise the value of your property. On the other hand, an average and plain ceiling can end up looking like an eye sore if you spend a lot of effort and money on other interior elements like flooring, furniture, and walls. The ceiling consists of one of the biggest space in your home, and it certainly deserves at least as much attention as the other interior components.